When Do We Act?

With Meaning?

Parents! Politicians!

Runaway Global Heating & Our Early Extinction

Is The Price Of 'Our Prized Mobility’!

Lack Of Response to the Crisis




Our children, unless they have very slow parents,

know that our non-stop emissions guarantee

. . . A Dead and Lifeless Planet . . .

Dare you acknowledge

their pain of seeing it happen,

and the price they will pay

and exact

if we continue to push & permit

the non-stop

Super Storms

that will lead to

their angered


worldwide suicidal rage?

Minimizing that rage requires

the immediate rejection of fossil fuels to minimize

the severe conditions that will soon devastate their world!

Note the dates herein!

Catastrophic Climate Change & Runaway Global Warming

The Tallberg Forum 2008

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeMndn1aMdk <

http://www.apollo-gaia.org/planetearth/index.htm <

Parents! Politicians! If you care . . . truly care . . . about your children,

you will ensure that everyone known to you understands the lethal 'why' of 

President Obama's message of October 2015:

'If we don't soon act, there will come a time when it will be too late to act.'

We must act!

Indeed! A growing awareness, due the Tallberg Forum 2008, of a possible tipping point leading to a 'Sudden Onset Runaway Global Heating Scenario', is 'why' signatories to 'The Paris Agreement' of December 2015, made their decision in New York, on April 22nd 2016, to accelerate future 'Start Dates' of that agreement's agenda! (Woe! Regardless the involvement of 'The Dynamic Duo - Trudeau and DiCaprio',  nothing has been done to immediately and seriously confront the threat our conduct poses to our very existence!) (In Fact Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has turned his back on promises made to secure his election.) Such aside:

26 days later! CBC News! May 18th 2016The last 12 months are the hottest on record!    With - no reaction - from governments or news media?

47 days later! July 4th, 2016 Scientists state: First six months this year are hottest ever!

Related announcement: Most fish stocks are close to collapse.

Again, with - no reaction - from governments or news media?

The “why” of such is readily discernible:

Ignoring President Obama's message 

increased the risk to our future!

August 3rd, 2016

Scientists state that 2015 was the hottest year on record! 

20 + months of

non-stop global heat rise!

What can we do?

Immediate rejection

of all fossil fuels

is all we can do! 

Absent our

immediate acceptance and full compliance

with that sole solution,

we face non-stop runaway global heating!

 If we actually 'care about our children':

We store our personal vehicles!



Indeed! Due the rate of increase of Methane in the Atmosphere (The Methane Veil), the sudden acceleration of the Heatrise & associated Superstorms dooms us. Indeed:


 6h6 hours ago 

(Via Twitter this 2nd Day Of August, 2018) 

How hot/humid can it get? At 100% humidity and 35C (95F) a fit human, resting in shade, with ventilation will die within 6 hours; also at higher temperatures with lower humidity. Unrelenting Heat and Humidity will soon make regions UNINHABITABLE 


'Save The Children’


Get Involved!

Join this 'Last Gasp' effort! 


No Children = No Organizations! 

Parents! Teachers!

We are losing our planet!

Seriously! Read another’s opinion:


 Fight Back!

Tell Everyone! 

Tell them hard!  Tell them straight!

We scrap our polluters! . . . Our shiny polluters!

We scrap ALL polluters! . . . Or FRY at Hell's Gate!


Reality: We can't afford to 'scrap' them.

That will release too much more heat and

greenhouse gases to our overheated atmosphere!

We must 'Park' them.


Ask your neighbors for their input!

Ask them to help protect everything our children

will need to survive, including the

air, soil, water and temperature ranges

that facilitate and permit our existence, today,

or face

a massive multiplication of

mental health issues,

including suicides,

as 'Our prized mobility requirements’ help

America's racist,

side-switching psycho

mock the abandonment

of our children to a heating hell on earth!

Should you see him, sing him a song!

Poor Swirly! Poor Twirly! As you fall from 'Your' wall!

Due to no glue! . . And few clues! . . Indeed! . . None at all!

Hope that Hillary and Bernie 'sweep your soft side away’

Lest 'Time' leaves you . . . 'Shell man' . . . in complete dis-array!

Poor Silly, poor Twirly! As you slip and then fall!

   Due to no glue! . . . and few clues! . . . Indeed! . . . none at all! 

Swirly, old chap, control your murderous glare!

The above is but a mild example of a 'Harsh Attack!’.

Get off your horse, stop lying and apologize to Mr. & Mrs. Kazir Khan!

Prods to 'Ole Swirly' aside, we heed the message or suffer the rage;

as 'reality' dictates the terms of our near future existence.

As for Ole Swirly's 'My Way - Or Else!' approach to life:

Dare any Sane / non-Greed Driven person

trust 'Ole Swirly' with the fate of Humanity?

- For the future of our children -

We heed the message, or suffer the loss of our world.

The situation is so critical / so serious ..

that this is a

“No Pictures, Words only, Personal Thoughts Necessary.”

plea to all that you communicate with each other

across all barriers and divisions.

Teachers: Prepare your students!

We long ago reached the feared

'Tipping Point'. 

Our purported love for our children demands

that we accept and act on the message!

Absent such, they shall suffer in the shadows of an earthly hell.

As for President Obama and the advisers

that shed midnight tears

in a copious deluge when realizing the

'Life Terminating’

scale of our situation:

'We', as in 'Humanity', have a duty to openly thank them; and curse ourselves for being so driven by greed as to have failed to see what was happening before our eyes! 

A Necessary Caution

To  'Survive', we must change. 


Humanity's survival is in the

hands of individuals with courage to organize

“Lets Do What We Can!”

meetings whereby we can develop commitments to do


that will put more heat into our atmosphere!  


what will be said in our favour?    

That abandoning our prized mobility was an impossibility?

If some claim that such remains so:

Hum Low The Bells Of Kyoto 

Hum Low The Bells Of Kyoto

Bang low your dirge to the sea.

Your sound so despond will not travel long

Your tune was not meant to be.


Drum Low The Bells Of Kyoto

Speak soft of our crimes of the past

And sing loud the cry that truth had to die

In order that profits would last.


Cry Low The Bells Of Kyoto

Sing soft the lies of our greed

And peal plaintive song of needs all gone wrong

And air unfit to breathe.


Hum soft all the bells! To an empty world tell!

Of Kyoto's smiles and deceits

Hum soft all the bells! 

To an empty world tell!

The greed of lies on spreadsheets. 

Copyright December 8, 1997 Daniel J. Lavigne

(The same date the “Kyoto Protocol” was agreed to.)


Our Children, BTW, continue to say:

Translate!  Duplicate!  Distribute!  Display!

BTW: It is fully accepted (And anticipated!) that these "questions" will lead MILLIONS to commit suicide when the scope of the madness that infects us is made clear as our

Children die by the MILLIONS,

due our Love Affair with

"Our Prized Mobility”.

Have "A THINK":


Ghost grey,  
Industrial pall.  
Screening our greed,  
Hiding our gall.  
Deflecting our view  
Of a dust laden extinction.  
Answering our follies,  
Our demands of MORE!! 
D.J.L. Meanderings Spring / 1985

“We Don’t Know What’s Happening Here!”

With thanks to Bob Dylan!

OOPS! 1985!!! And No One Cared To Start "Thinking"? Why? If not "Then" (Its NOW October, 4th, 2018 !) "When" will YOU insist that all others start "Thinking”?

Should they listen to your "fact driven concerns" NOW,

or after

their Children have been


Greed's Heating Altar?

Here you be!

Rub it in the face of all whose

Greed denied them an ability to "Think":

The Salivators
Sheep like humanity, howling as wolves.
To evil deferring, destroying the good.
As foulmouthed cowards, wasting their breath 

Flashing fools fashions, ignoring the threat, 
Of a flash that will fashion . . . 
Humanity's death.
Copyright Feb. 15, 1988  
Daniel J. Lavigne 


that there is LITTLE we will do in whatever attempts

to reverse the progress of our path to disaster?

Go ahead! Have a THINK! How will you tell YOUR CHILDREN

that you did NOT care enough to actually consider

the consequences of your actions? Go ahead! Tell them!



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