It’s the basis of how MOST UFO's operate.

(With “Different / Superior Operating Systems”)

To start: "Form Follows Function"

Which gave shape to their designs.

The operating system is BASIC:

We need a large / consistent energy supply as

we can't load sufficient fuel to get much further than the Oort Clouds.

Ergo: We  are left to organizing HOW TO utilize what we


Try this / have someone try it in a group effort.

Using a 3D Printer:

Produce a circular frame that can hold 64 small round magnets.

Position them Pointing to the floor.

With a slight deviation (-UPPER MOTORS-) inward  /  towards the center.

In keeping with the NEED to utilize whatever lift can be developed,

mount each of them to the best drone motors available.

Place them so the Motors are above them.

You'll have to find a way to attach the Magnets to the Motors.

Note: You must avoid all vibration possible.

Arrange the wires so that you have 4 groups of sixteen engines.

(2 Engines per pair - 8 Pairs per Group.) This is to power and steer the craft.

- Assigned by quadrant -

Left Front / Right Front // Left Rear / Right Rear.

You can secure the wiring Harnesses from Vietnam - I don't know if they're available in America.

(Note: Drone technology is highly advanced, you might be able to get such “Off The Shelf”.)

Arrange each set of 2 engines so that they ROTATE towards each other

on the outer perimeter of the craft.

When you have done such:

Similarly prepare the next set of 64 Magnets & attached Drone Engines.

(Note: They need NOT have the same repelling potential as the Upper Magnets.}

They need but be “A Repelling Power Source”.


Place each such Engine @ 22.5 degrees off the horizontal and slanting upwards towards the Center of the Craft ( Motors Pointing downward towards the Outside of the Craft.) Ensure the rotation towards each other will meet the rotation of the upper Magnets at the focus points.

Do not let them get into contact with each other & ensure all is firmly secured.

Positon them so that 1/4 of an inch separates them laterally and 3/8 of an inch vertical spacing,    with a keen alignment of the rotating engines to each other. 

You need not wire the bottom set for STEERING as per for the UPPER engine groups. (Although such could add to minute steering adjustments.) However, you want them to power up as             THE ROTATION responsible for the INCREASE IN MAGNETIC INTERACTION / REPULSION permitting the lift - is the essential secret to the craft. 

The greater the ROTATION speed, the greater the repulsive power available.

Then, help build a Spaced Based Sun Shade! - And TRY to save our world!


Working together through such as radish.org


build the Spaced Based Sun Shade!

Special Note: This is NOT the original development idea

attempted by which I hope to produce a near-light speed craft.

It has been developed due the need for INDIVIDUALS to become

involved in an effort to save our Planet from a fiery termination due 

our non-stop and never challenged greed for a never-ending “More!”.

Thank You to all participants, per DJL this December 18th, 2019. 

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