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Utilizing “The Way Back Machine” I found the following within the pages

for the 2007 / 2008 Time Frame. Note that I have no recollection of having written such.

In 1956 an American geologist, M. King Hubbert, provided America with a study that suggested it would reach the peak of production of its conventional oil at some point in the early 70’s. By 1974 his argument was proven correct. Mathematical models proved that America had reached that -Peak Of Production- in the spring of 1970. His name and the accuracy of the prediction gave birth to the phrase: The Hubbert Curve. 

America would never again be able to produce the oil so necessary to satisfy its insatiable and ever growing demands. It now relies on other nations for more than 60% of the oil needed to drive / support its economy and produce its food. Due to that ever increasing demand for oil versus the constantly declining production of its now depleted reserves, that percentage will continue to increase until the day that OPEC and other oil exporting nations decide to save their few remaining barrels for their own people and purposes.

President Carter, aware of what America faced, aware of the financial havoc that such would lead to, suggested that vehicles be driven at more reasonable speeds, that thermostats be turned down and efforts made to conserve the oil and all other energy resources then remaining. His dire but opportune message was ignored and, finally, vilified by opposing political forces, he failed to secure a second term. 

Ronald Reagan, promising to make everything available to all Americans, won the Presidency. His first act as President was to order the solar panels installed on the roof of the White House by President Carter be immediately removed. (Therein is found the root of the claim by President Bush and his administration that America’s profligate and utterly wasteful way of life is Non-Negotiable.) 

The world’s future was then cast in the granite of greed’s special allure. 

Those who preached conservation and preparations for a world with insufficient oil to fuel food production would be laughed at and then ignored. Those who could not bear to listen to, much less accept, Carter’s timely warning, chose to wantonly believe and act on Reagan’s foolish promise of “Sustainable Growth”. Who, then, would dare to try to wake the world? After all, what would such do for them? How would any such effort help build “Their Bottom Line”? 

By 2000 it was absolutely clear (At least it was clear to those who thought of such matters.) that the world faced another World War. This time, it would be fought over diminishing oil supplies and other resources so necessary to support the American / Western world’s purported belief in “Sustainable Growth”. It is worth noting that it mattered not to the people of America and the West that the sanctions against Iraq had led to the deaths of over 1 million people, prior to the second attack on Iraq. Some 500,000 of them were children who were not yet born at the time of the action to force Saddam Hussein to remove his army from Kuwait. (Hussein sent his troops in after being informed by America’s ambassador to Iraq that America would not mind or intervene in that “local” affair.) 

Those deaths didn’t matter to America and the West as their insatiable greed for “More!” as best expressed by those with power sufficient to enforce that will for “More!”, planned and dictated that course of events. What about the deaths of those children due to those sanctions? Who, other than their immediate families cared or were concerned about their untimely deaths due to those sanctions? 

Those deaths were a “Mere Statistic” according to Madeline Albright who, as America’s Secretary of State claimed that such a cost was worth it; at least it was worth it to America’s elite and their need to be in control of the flow of oil from that area. 

Therein resides the source of the many problems and threats that we face and pose to each other: 

Having accepted and lived by the lies and claims offered to us by politicians, we will now accept ever greater lies, ignore the possibility of a human activity induced “Runaway Global Heating” and continue to lie to ourselves and each other, including our children, in order that we might remain in a state of denial with respect to what nature and history otherwise tell us we will soon suffer: 

A series of environmental and ecological crises beyond the abilities of our imaginations to understand and prepare for; and, finally, after the use of all nuclear and other weapons of mass murder, we shall turn upon each other in a war of “All Against All”. 

A war that will be driven and sustained by the greed of those who refused to wake, who refused to end their state of denial with respect to the pragmatic reality of the essential circumstances within which humanity exists. 

Worse, we shall do our utmost to silence or otherwise mock, denigrate and damn those who would dare to suggest that we wake to such madness and consider rational processes by which we may yet be able to learn how to live within the limits of earth’s available bounty and the changing circumstances of our existence. Circumstances that will include severely altered weather patterns. Weather patterns that are now leading to mass flooding where just a few years before we suffered drought, and the exact opposite where we previously depended on annual rainfalls to grow our food crops. 

Is it possible that we may be able to change and thereby bring about a new way of life and not suffer the cost and consequences of our willful ignorance of such matters? 

Given our past acceptance of the dictates of a powerful few, is it possible that we are simply incapable of addressing the need to study why we are unable to deal with that reality and unable to use available knowledge to save ourselves from that which we have always done when faced with lack of resources sufficient to maintain our politically driven and guided models? Models that, alas, have always led the majority to mass murder each other at the behest of a powerful minority. 

So, where do we go from here? 

Matthew Simmons, head of Simmons International, one of the most recognized and respected bankers to the world’s oil and gas drilling industry, claims that the world passed the “Worldwide peak of production of conventional oil” at some point in early 2005. 

Professor Emeritus geology, Kenneth Deffeyes of Princeton University states that it took place at some point by December of that year. Others, having access to similar sources of information, tell us that, if not yet reached, such a peak will most probably be reached by the end of 2008. 

My revised estimates, first made public in 1998 and posted to suggested that we would reach the peak at some point in 2007. 

If we faced the peak of production, with no other considerations, is it possible that we could get by without letting loose the dogs of war?

Perhaps. But it is best to understand that, at each and every point in our past when we faced generalized / localized resource depletion that we moved from such areas, suffered severe population collapses or resorted to war in order to secure the bounty remaining available to our nearby neighbors. Simmons et al now suggest that the “Peak” shall be followed by a depletion rate of some 3% per year until we run out of thermodynamically available supplies of all such oil at some point in the time frame 2037 to 2050. I published a similar viewpoint in 1998. Vice President Cheney, as the CEO of Halliburton in 1999, stated a very similar viewpoint. 

Note that we are using some 29 BILLION barrels of oil per year. The recent find off the coast of Brazil will provide us with a total of some 8 billion barrels. That is less than a third of what we use, each year. And the sum of all discoveries in the recent past has been no different. The end of our dependence on oil, an end imposed by nature, is in sight. Yet, there is no other known energy source, individual or collective, that will be able to replace / supplant the energy now supplied to us by conventional oil. 

Indeed . . . . . 

Geologists involved in the oil drilling industry inform us that NO new finds of oil have come close to the magnitude of such as the Gawar field in Saudi Arabia. First found some 60 years ago, Gawar’s oil simply flowed under its own pressure to a multitude of collection points. Today, some six to seven millions of barrels of water must be pumped into the field, each day, in order to help pump the rapidly depleting flow of oil from its many well-heads. 

It is wise to note that all of our “Giant Fields” have reached critical states of depletion. 

In the last 40 years no similar sized fields have been found to replace their rapidly diminishing output. Somewhat smaller fields, such as the North Sea bonanza and the similar find on Alaska’s North Slope, are now recognized to be depleting at a rate of some 8% to 12% per year. 

Mexico’s famed Cantarell field is displaying a similar depletion rate. A depletion rate that may force Mexico to cease its oil exports to America within the next five years. Some have placed their hopes on the development of such as Canada’s tar sands and a similar type of oil found in Venezuela. But mathematical models inform us that those fields will never produce oil in sufficient quantity to replace the oil that will soon no longer be produced from those “Giant Fields”. 

Nor will the limited production of such oil slow, or protect us from, the collapse of industrialized civilization as we presently know it. 

Worse, there is a great possibility that the mining of Alberta’s Tar Sands will lead to a local environmental crisis if and when the huge berms constructed to hold billions of gallons of liquid waste product from the production process are ever breached and that waste product then flows, via adjacent rivers, into the MacKenzie Delta. 

Such an event would then threaten all birds and other wildlife in that area; and the local folks and natives who rely on those birds and animals as a food source. Our concerns about Peak Oil and its ramifications are made greater when we realize that we must also contend with a non-stop population growth that now sees us have to confront an ever growing demand for oil that increases by some 2% per year. 

Given the nature of our greed and the nature of our religions and religious beliefs, there is little chance that any sort of meaningful equilibrium shall be reached whereby we shall be able to reverse the increase in demand for more oil and learn to live within the limits imposed upon us by a nature that cares not about our survival as a species. 

Worse, we face a non-stop growth in various religious beliefs that lead the masses to a mindless worship of gods that they believe will some how help them be victorious, slay all others and thereby gain sole access to whatever remains of the earth’s original stores of oil and other energy sources. 

Is it possible, within the limited time available, to confront the various mantras of religious beliefs and what they have caused us to do to each other? 

Perhaps. But one would be venturing but a guess if he / she stated that we have some chance of doing so. It is entirely possible that our infection by and belief in such denies us any chance of confronting the reality of Peak Oil and its subsequent costs and consequences. 

The war against “Terror”, as practiced by those who cause that terror to grow exponentially, guarantees our inevitable collapse into a society of survivors who shall have little reason to applaud or cherish that survival. 

Indeed, given that such as President Bush and his cohorts have mocked and made meaningless all of America’s prior achievements, there is little presently evident reason to hope that survivors of the fast approaching use of all weapons of mass murder shall have stamina and survival instincts sufficiently embedded within their so stressed psyches as to generate a new belief in the value of life. 

Ergo, by our actions in permitting the madness of greed to so infect and harm us, we have actually guaranteed that our sense of humanity, if such it can be called, will fester for untold millennia prior to any recovery and proper utilization of that which first led us to learn how to operate on a child’s heart while still in its mother’s womb. 

Signs of the impending collapse (1):

Traveling through America, on the way to a vacation in Central America in October of 2007, I was struck by a strange change on America’s highways. Whereas in the early 60’s we would notice all sorts of individuals on the highways, some in old rattletrap jalopies and others driving the latest V8 of whatever make or name, we now note that few individuals of little means dare risk their small savings on a trip whereby they might be rendered destitute due to a failure of their less than fit vehicles. Rather than risk such voyages, America’s working poor and the like now rely on buses and trains to reach their intended destinations. 

And therein resides the kernel of another painful observation: 

The increased use of such means of travel has led to the development of “Security Forces”, most of which are trained to practice the harshest of measures when getting such travelers to wait in silence and to never complain lest they be ejected from the waiting rooms related to such conveyances and possibly “Held for questioning for cause”. 

How could America, brave, bright America, fall to such a level from those days in our youth when we were free to speak out and suggest that politicians were our servants and not, as present, the other way around? 

And so it goes. 

America’s cities are no longer havens for patriotic and mutually caring for each other citizens. Many of them have turned into cauldrons of hate and extremes of anxiety wherein the majority are insecure and, suffering the psychosis that always develops due to such insecurity, are left to suffer the knowledge that they exist on a pinpoint balance. One that they are now starting to realize can tip against them at any time, wherever they might be. 

What will happen in such cities as the reality of Peak Oil hits home? 

What will happen as the cost of securing food sufficient to feed one’s family surpasses the ability of all within any such families to provide the means by which they may purchase that necessary food? 

What happens when we lack fossil fuels sufficient to power our farm tractors, sow our seeds and bring in the hoped for harvests? 

What happens when, at last, driven by a hunger that has no hope of being met, we abandon hope and rely on our weapons in order to guarantee that our families will be able to have one more meal, even if we have to take it, by force, from our nearby neighbors? 

What happens when our political leaders call upon our sons and daughters in the military to turn their weapons on all who fail to stand and wait, as ordered, for the hoped for delivery of food, regardless of the nature of that food or the length of that wait? 

Yet, in spite of the above, in spite of now realizing the many hardships we face, we must not abandon hope. 

We must steel ourselves to make the necessary effort to finding a possible way to deal with the approaching crisis. And we must learn that we dare not trust our political leaders. After all, it is they, with their will to lie when need be, that permitted us to avoid having to think of such matters as the impossibility of “Sustainable Growth”, a model that was foisted upon us in order that the rich become richer while the masses continue their struggles to merely survive. 


I suggest that the only way to survive, on a collective basis, is for everyone to ignore politicians and their useless edicts and commit themselves to the good of all. It won’t be easy, but as far as I am able to visualize a possibility of the majority surviving, all that we can depend on is each other. Period. (And I also suggest that such a majority will consists solely of those who are prepared to immediately start planning and preparing for the now foreseeable and unavoidable collapse of our current way of life.) 

For such to work, EVERYONE must pledge to never again ache for clothes or things produced by others working for starvation level wages. We must also promise to use each and every day of the rest of our lives to help grow food for everyone around us. 

Absent such a decision, by everyone, we shall suffer the total use of our will and capacity to mass murder millions “If Need Be”, in accordance with the demands of leaders who will refuse to be party to a development wherein individuals actually start to act as if they truly understand that their long term welfare is dependent on the long term welfare of all others. 

Signs of the impending collapse (2): 

Some leaders have started to suggest that their nations have a right to do as they will in order that they might avoid suffering the wants, deprivations and the pangs of long term hunger that shall be the common situation for the rest of humanity as nature has its way and our previous acceptance of  “The Population Bomb” forces us to wake to a new reality: A reality that demands of us that we live in a manner that leads us to lower our numbers and to subsequently keep those numbers in check. 

Readers are advised to study the Matthew Island experiment wherein a small number of healthy breeding pairs of Reindeer were placed on an island filled with abundant Lichen and no predators. The outcome of that experiment tells us, exactly, what we shall soon face. 

If we should fail to heed the lessons thereby granted to us, nothing will help us evade what we shall then do to each other. Then, what? 

Professor Skinner’s experiments with mice and rats tell the same story. 

There are”Limits To Growth” and it is unfortunate, so very unfortunate, that we failed to listen to those who spent their lives trying to tell us that we are no different than any other animal species, that we are as bound by the laws of nature and concepts such as “Overshoot” and “Liebig’s Law of The Minimum” as are all other life forms. 

Note that we should also learn about “Jevon’s Paradox” and guard against the mass use / adoption of whatever new sources of energy that we may yet find prior to suffering the otherwise unavoidable collapse. 

That America and the rest of the world may well fall into a state of generalized anarchy can no longer be doubted. 

Absent a general will to conduct ourselves as “Human Beings”, we will act as the animals that we are. Doing so, it is entirely possible, and most likely, probable, that we will do anything and everything that we dare hope will assist “us” to survive, regardless the consequences to all others. 

Can such, truly, be called “An acceptance of Life”? Will such, truly, end up being “The American Way”? What about the rest of the world?

Some nations, not blessed with our first and predominating access to oil and the energy it provided to us and thereby helped us hold sway over the rest of humanity for some 150 years, will not suffer to the extent that we shall. 

They, used to hard work and doing with little that we believed we needed to more fully enjoy life’s pleasures, shall be able to deal with the shortage of oil. They shall merely continue to focus on the job at hand: Providing food, via their own knowledge and efforts, for their families. 

Having maintained their skills, knowledge and habits with respect to growing, harvesting, storing and local delivery and utilization of their food supplies, they shall fare far better than the people of Western Europe and America. Canada, what about Canada? 

Whatever shall be suffered by the people of America, shall be suffered on a much greater scale by those Canadians unfortunate enough to have lived the totality of their lives in cities wherein everything was delivered to local stores for disbursement via business / commercial processes. 

Those who lived in smaller villages and continued to grow a portion of their food shall have a somewhat easier time. But they will not be able, in the short term, to develop the barter and other trade mechanisms that they previously used to share with their neighbors. 

Those skills will return, but only after a long period of doing without many of the things that our grandparents had the foresight to develop and broadly utilize. (I speak as someone now 67 years of age. My grandparents, on my mother’s side, raised ten children without reliance on electricity, running water, or local stores to supply items that were otherwise available to those who lived in Canada’s larger cities. They grew their own food, raised their own chickens, goats, cows and such, plowed their fields with their own horses, built their own homes, barns and other buildings and made their own clothes, harnesses and whatever else it took to survive.) 

Shall we be able to do the same? 

We shall be able to do so if we start now to prepare for what is, quite simply, an unavoidable change in our near future circumstances. 

Some might choose to implore of such as President Bush that he prepare America to lay waste to the rest of the world in order that we may secure access to the Mid-East’s remaining oil for ourselves and no other. But, what about China and its nuclear tipped missiles? What about Russia and its determination to never again be the helpless victim of some other nation’s greed for “More!”? 

What about Iran and its determined intent to build a nuclear power generating facility to replace its fast waning dependence on the little oil it has left remaining in its aging and now severely depleted oil fields? 

What about the threat, posed by President Bush, that he shall employ nuclear weapons, if need be, in order that Iran be forced to end its non-existent plans to produce nuclear weapons? 

When will we deal with the greed that drives our political processes? 

When will we utilize the Nuremberg Principles to put an end to threats against other nations by such as President Bush and his willing cabal of criminals? 

When will we say “NO!” to madmen who would have us send our sons and daughters to foreign lands to murder the sons, daughters and whole families of other societies in order that we may, for a few more years, drive to a local corner store for a six pack of beer and a pizza? 

Have we no shame? 

Will we permit such madness to curse our steps into the new paradigm that will, with or without us, form as a result of “The End of Oil”? 

Now, what about children? 

How will we prepare them for the new and fast approaching reality? 

Are we to continue the lies that have them believing that there is nothing they need be concerned about with respect to their near term future? 

The only way to proceed is to start a process by which our children can learn, as quick as possible, that we will soon be reduced to a struggle to survive. A struggle that will center on our ability to grow food and store, share and prepare it on a community basis. If we can achieve that goal, teaching ourselves and our children to learn how to make our own clothes and provide shelter against the extremes of weather, we will be on the way to a new world, one wherein “Human Values” may very well develop as an antidote to and as a needed replacement to the religious creeds and credos that have set us against each other for far too long.

Now, the most serious of questions must be addressed: 

How can we help the vast majority avoid falling into a pit of depression from which they may well be unable to exit? How can we ensure that our children do not grow so despondent that suicide, to them, becomes a viable and suitable option? 

Most importantly: 

How can we get those who would lead us to now admit the truth of our predicament? 

I suggest that, if we can do so, that the rest is quite possible and that “The End of Oil” will be looked upon, in retrospect, as an event that caused us to wake to the reality and limits of our existence. 

However, given the scope of many accusations and well documented concerns as to the true nature of the attack on the World Trade Towers, it could well be that the West’s political leaders long ago abandoned all hope of dealing with the advance of peak oil and decided to set in place a set of laws permitting them to do as they will in order that they and their chosen few may survive the madness that shall otherwise abound, worldwide. Indeed, some now suggest that the destruction of those towers was planned as a necessary “A Priori” event leading to the quick imposition of laws that would permit such as President Bush to murder, torture and maim anyone and everyone who opposed the development of a new way of life in America. One more akin to what existed in the times of Stalin in Russia and Hitler in Germany than that which we were led to believe through our educational processes was guaranteed to us, forever. 

I offer the possibility that the destruction of those towers was anticipated and then utilized as soon as America discovered a plot that was developed in the mid-90’s in the Far-East with respect to hi-jacking aircraft and using them to destroy many of America’s recognized landmarks. 

All that needed to be done, if a determined will existed to use whatever measures necessary in order to control the populace subsequent to the development of widespread knowledge that peak oil would lead to harsh times for all, was to place the necessary explosives in those towers and allow such as Osama Bin Laden to “succeed” in their public boast to destroy those very towers. 

That America’s leaders knew the attack was coming is no longer in doubt. That they may well have planned to then permit it to be successful is something for which President Bush, Vice President Cheney and their cabal of criminals should stand trial. 

It must be recognized that many people in positions of authority with respect to those buildings had ties to the Bush administration. And it must be admitted that the owner of Building 7 of the World Trade Towers, Mr. Larry Silverstein, stated on national TV, approximately 6 months after 9/11, "..we decided to pull it.". So, there we have it. It has been admitted that there were explosives pre-planted in one of those towers. Are we to assume that effort was not duplicated in the other towers? 

To sum, it is entirely possible that President Bush was informed by his friends in the Saudi Arabian royal family that Osama Bin Laden couldn’t be persuaded to not attack America and that America should anticipate that attack. 

We note that President Bush, after shutting down all aircraft traffic throughout North America, permitted some of Bin Laden’s relatives to board an aircraft and return to Saudi Arabia. That action prevented the possibility of their being lawfully detained and questioned as to the extent of their knowledge of that attack and what they may have told President Bush prior to that attack. 

The fact that America’s vaunted Air Force failed, miserably so, to intercept any of the aircraft involved, especially after they had recently intercepted and monitored the aircraft of a famous golfer a fewminutes after a report from the civil aviation authorities that the pilot had failed to respond to various queries, suggests that they were either misled, or that there exists a group of military officers in America who, aware of the conditions of life in nations that have not had the benefits of our, to-date, unlimited access to oil, are determined to help whichever politician put in place a series of preparations that will lead to a “Fortress America” and the virtual enslavement of its populations to the will, wants and edicts of a select few as the otherwise uncontrollable cost and consequences of “Peak Oil” hit home. 

The purported accidental loading of six (6) nuclear tipped missiles, contrary to all standing orders, on a B52 Bomber, for delivery from Minot Air Force base to the central base in Louisiana that is now the departure point for flights to Mid-East hot spots, suggests that someone either intended to use those weapons in another 9/11 type act against America, or to use them, without official sanction by the Bush administration, against Iran. 

Retired Air Force officers who were once responsible for the security and safe-keeping of all such missiles state that such an event had to be cleared by someone in the Bush administration, or cleared by a cabal of criminals who are determined to seize power for themselves as America begins its fast slide towards anarchy as we run out of fossil fuels sufficient to drive our economy and our food production. Otherwise, there exists no schedule of permitted actions by which that event could have taken place. 

So, where are we in the free fall towards the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI)? 

Do we have ten years to prepare? Five? Or less? 

Options versus Solutions 

It is doubtful that any possible solution exists to solve / ameliorate the onset of Peak Oil and its subsequent consequences. Suggesting that we immediately park and abandon our personal use vehicles is a political non-starter. Any politician who would dare to promote such knows that they risk losing their pay, position and any possible promotion to higher office. 

No politician known to us today has shown any moral or other fiber that would be sufficient to support and promote that necessary act. 

(Added this August 14, 2008: Could it be that Barack Obama might be able to control, prod and follow through on his platform that we must change and that we have the ability to do so constructively and for the good of all? Such aside, we continue:) 

Suggesting that the world’s nations make an agreement whereby all work to end our dependence on fossil fuels as soon as possible is also a non-starter. 

First (Barack Obama aside as he does seem to be cut from a different cloth than most who vie for such office.), our politicians collective personal greed for political “power” prevents them and thereby us, from coming to any such agreement to share the remaining oil equitably. We will fight wars before being forced to so share. Count on it. 

Should you doubt that assertion: 

Ask such as President Bush and Vice President Cheney. 

They have made their position clear: 

America’s way of life is Non-Negotiable. 

That means, to all other nations, that either they willfully surrender their oil and other natural resources to America, at prices that America is willing to pay, or they face the threatened use of America’s nuclear arsenal. 

However, when such nations, regardless of their ability to defend themselves, decide that their honor and principles demand of them that they refuse to yield to such threats, we will see the use of all such weapons. The world will then sink into an abyss of madness that will last for many decades after the last of our nuclear weapons are used, against each other. 

We have little choice. 

Either the whole of humanity willfully chooses to confront the reality of the coming crisis and we park our personal use vehicles and save the remaining oil to fuel our farm tractors and food transport vehicles, or we choose to remain in a state of denial until the now developing economic collapse leads us to World War III. 

Our choice should be clear. 

But our infection by the madness of greed and the years of our lives spent wasting the earth’s available bounty dictates that we have little hope of collectively confronting the crisis. 

Ergo: We are left to choose, as individuals, from a very small set of options. 

Option 1: 

Discover some far away hideout where you can escape the consequences of too great a nuclear fallout, grow your own food and not have to be constantly on guard to protect it from those who, unable to fend for themselves, will have no choice but to try to survive by stealing the food and other supplies of whoever they might come across or whose food caches they might stumble upon. 

To have any hope of successfully surviving in such a scenario, you must have a rather comprehensive skill set, including an ability to diagnose medical ills, treat fractures, make harnesses, clothes, plows etc. 

Absent possession of such skills and an intellectual ability and stamina to endure actually living in such circumstances, your best bet is: 

Option 2: 

And that is to develop and stay within a tight knit community, one that has come to terms with the coming crisis and wherein everyone has forgiven all others for whatever slights or crimes, real or imagined and made a truly honest and collective decision to work together to provide the needed food, clothes and shelter as required and to also stand by each other whatever happens. 

For this option to succeed, your community must be located far from any possible areas where we can anticipate nuclear fallout. Also, in order to develop the best possible chance of staying together as a close knit group, all must do their best to contribute to the community’s ability to learn to be self-supporting. 

Such means that you must start to immediately spread the word in that community about the reality of “Peak Oil” and its unavoidable costs and consequences. 

You must also bring on board a cadre of the older, calmer and more reflective personages within that community to help give a sense of hope and direction to everyone else. 

Option 3: 

Make a decision to do your utmost to survive where you presently live; and do everything in your power to enable yourself and family to provide yourselves with everything you need, through your own efforts and to protect each other from any outsider who might presume to have a right to your food and other supplies. 

In order for this to be a viable option, you must purchase as many seeds, clothing, weapons, ammunition and other hard goods as you can envision shall be necessary to your attempts to survive and, for a period of some years after the crash is well and truly underway, you should avoid, as best as possible, having anything to do with anyone who is not part of your immediate family and / or survival group. 

Option 4: 

I doubt that we have any more options, other than surrendering to the madness and prepare to party until widespread anarchy suggests that we become as hardened and as prepared to kill as our neighbors; and do it before they do the same, to us. 

Sorry. But that is what we face, if we fail to start thinking, immediately, about that which the whole of humanity will soon endure and why we allowed it to happen. 


Should this message to the world inspire you to do something about the coming crisis:

Go to "Your Neighborhood Network" and use the free ads service in the -Politics- section to inform your neighbors of the need to prepare for a fast approaching day when we will be forced to depend on ourselves and no other. 

The operative word is “Community”. 

Help guide / develop yours to a point whereat everyone knows and understands that we must ALL accept that a new paradigm is being formed; a paradigm that will involve hard work performed by all. 

Note that the people of Cuba responded as they had to respond when, following the collapse of the USSR, they could no longer expect to be supplied with oil to fuel their food production. During the time they spent learning how to co-operate with each other in order to produce the food they needed, everyone lost some 14% of their body weight. Even now, there are few obese people in Cuba. 

The same will soon happen throughout the world. With respect to our need to maintain a certain level of agricultural output: 

I urge all farmers to develop a means to protect their beasts of burden from being slaughtered for food by starving individuals to whom “tomorrow” will be a meaningless abstract. 

May all do their utmost to survive with honor and principles intact. 

Thank you. 

Daniel J. Lavigne, Founder, 

International Humanity House 


Please also note that I shall be revising and adding to this article as time permits and changing conditions call upon me to do so. Stay tuned. Copyright November 2007 All Rights Reserved. 

Added this 15th day of August 2008: 

An excellent article by Mike Stasse as to the reasons why we face disaster: -Peak energy and limits to growth- as found at: 


Michael Gorbachev has openly stated his views that the cause of the conflict in Georgia is directly attributable to the fact that Georgia’s American trained lawyer has sought to become America’s “Favorite Son” in Russia’s backyard. How odd that America’s leaders so quickly forget the reality of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

You can hear Mr. Gorbachev explain the situation to Larry King at: 


Limits To Growth: Two Videos , as found at 

should help many understand why we face the use of all nuclear and other weapons of mass murder. And we shall, unfortunately, suffer such use unless more men and women with spine rise and assert that they shall act on their duty to refuse to support societies that would be party to mass murder.

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