The Kids? Or The Cars?   Which do we abandon?

When Do We Act?

When Do You Act?

We Have Run Out Of Time!

Parents! Politicians!

Runaway Global Heating & Early Extinction

Is The Price Of 'Our Prized Mobility’!

The Kids? Or The Cars? 

Which do we abandon?

Our children, unless they have very slow parents, know

that our non-stop emissions guarantee

A Dead and Lifeless Planet

What shall you respond?

When they ASK?


 6h6 hours ago 

(Via Twitter this 2nd Day Of August, 2018) 

How hot/humid can it get? At 100% humidity and 35C (95F) a fit human, resting in shade, with ventilation will die within 6 hours; also at higher temperatures with lower humidity. Unrelenting Heat and Humidity will soon make regions UNINHABITABLE 

Parents! Politicians!

Our survival demands that we wake to the crisis,

confront our conduct, live simply, waste nothing,


use public transport & limit family size & needs.

Or expect more

non-stop near future Super Storms

Minimizing such storms requires

the immediate rejection

of all unecessary fossil fuel use

to minimize the Fire Storms

that are now

devastating our world!

When Do We Act?


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