When Do We Act?

12 Months left!

– Parents! Politicians! –

Runaway Global Heating & Our Early Extinction

Is The Price Of 'Our Prized Mobility'!

Our children, unless they have very slow parents,

know that our non-stop emissions guarantee

. . . A Dead and Lifeless Planet . . .

Dare you acknowledge

their pain of seeing it happen,

and the price they will exact

if we let it continue?

Parents! Politicians!

Our children's survival demands 

that we wake to the crisis,

confront our conduct,

live simply, waste nothing,

store personal vehicles

use public transport and limit family size & needs.

Or expect

non-stop near future Super Storms

that will lead to:

their angered


worldwide suicidal rage

Minimizing that rage requires the immediate rejection of fossil fuels to minimize

the severe conditions that will soon devastate their world!

Parents: Wake Up!

Note the dates herein!

Catastrophic Climate Change


Runaway Global Warming

The Tallberg Forum 2008

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeMndn1aMdk <

http://www.apollo-gaia.org/planetearth/index.htm <

Parents! Politicians!

If you care . . . truly care . . . about your children,

you will ensure that everyone known to you

understands the lethal 'why' of 

President Obama’s

message of October 2015:

'If we don't soon act,

there will come a time

when it will be too late to act.'

We must act!


is for sale!

Get Involved!

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